I'm Shane, the Tita of Data. I'm a product nerd and I love startups, analytics, decision intelligence, IoT, woodworking.... and getting rejected. (more)

You can reach me via email or LinkedIn.

You can also find me on Github, Medium, Speakerdeck, Twitter and Flourish.

I'm currently on a mission to help underprivileged Filipina students land their first job before getting out of college.

Want to support this cause? You can donate and sponsor young Filipina students from low-income families to help jumpstart their career in this link.

Are you a leader in the tech space and have a desire to pay it forward? Let's have a chat.

Update 1: 100% placement rate (in entry-level data roles) so far, for all young pros who approached me after this post

Update 2: A highschool Physics teacher who has been unemployed for about a year just landed a job as a BI developer 11 days after responding to my post and going through a resume, cover letter and interview prep with me.

Update 3: A college student donated $3 to the cause, the same night I posted on LinkedIn and set up a ko-fi account. This donation went into helping out the Physics teacher mentioned above. Every cent goes a long way!


Future of Decision-making

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