Population Genetics

If you've ever watched any forensic documentaries or have heard of 23andme, then you already have some familiarity with population genetics.

Our group worked on a population genetics project where my role was Machine Learning engineer. Our solution helps wildlife forensicists determine the origin of samples of smuggled endagered species. Find out more about our insights below:

We also had a public presentation @ the Philippine Genome Center to introduce people to population genetics, microsatellite molecular markers and assignment algorithms. Find out more on our deck below:

Open source

You can also find our scripts and references on this repo. I also built a web app so everyone can interact with our model. You can watch the PopML demo video here.

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Here are some photos of me fangirling over the giant servers at Philippine Genome Center's Core Facility for Bioinformatics:

More photos of us as bioinformaticians in action: