Team Winehouse: Impact Hackathon 5G Smart Cities 2021 Grand Winner

Impact Hackathon 5G 2021 on Smart Cities is a nationwide online coding marathon on finding social impact-driven and innovative solutions from inspiring startup entrepreneurs on Innovation in Smart Cities.

Smart cities imply the intertwining of people, infrastructure and technology to improve general quality of life. The idea of smart cities involves using data to create more efficient systems and processes, and build livable, more sustainable cities. They are designed to be holistic and human-centered.

Launched in 2019, the IMPACT2050 Program is the flagship program of Impact Hub Manila which aims to create large-scale economic progress through the activation of groundbreaking events and providing curated support for innovators.

With the vision of catalyzing impactful digital solution, the IMPACT2050 is designed to decentralize access and opportunities to promote countryside development.

Find out more on our pitch deck below:

Watch our demo here:

Meet the Team


As the product lead of Team Winehouse, I was responsible for finding product-market fit, market research and business development.

I also took on the data science and analytics part of the project. Interact with the Kybi Bike Safety Audit Analytics Dashboard below:

Text Network Analysis on Bike Safety in Metro Manila

Kybi Website

Here's the link to the platform we built to connect bikers with the Metro Manila city government.